National requirements on transitional period

If your active substance is still under review for your product type, then products can be brought to the market without needing to be authorised under the EU BPR. However you should apply for registration on transitional period in accordance with Estonian Biocides Act.

Needed documents for the registration are as follows:
1) application form
2) documents certifying the right of representation in case the applicant is not the producer of the biocidal product
3) instruction for use
4) proposal for label (BPR Art. 69)

5) Safety Data Sheet
6) copy of the receipt of fee payment.

You may fill in the application form in English. But we would like to get the instruction for use and the label of the product in Estonian. 

The fee for the registration is 345 EUR.
The fee for the change of the registration is 150 EUR.

Processing of the application and issuing the registration certificate usually takes 30 days.

All Bank Transfer Charges to Appliers Account.
Beneficiary customer: RAHANDUSMINISTEERIUM
Beneficiary's account: IBAN EE89 1010220034796011
Beneficiary's Bank: AS SEB PANK (Address: Tornimäe 2; City: Tallinn; Postcode: 15010; Country: Estonia)
On cross-border payment order, details of payment, must have:
Terviseamet - 2900082304, name of biocide.

Filled and signed application form with the other documents should be sent us by e-mail (bpr|a| and delivered by mail to:
Health Board
Department of Chemical Safety
Paldiski mnt 81
10617 Tallinn, Estonia

Please note that once the review of the active substance is completed you will need to seek Authorisation for the product or remove it from the market.

For further information please contact Helpdesk: bpr|at|